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Tips For A Shiny Coat

HorseHealthAndTraining.com - Shiny coatHave you every watched other people’s horses and wondered how they got their horses’ coats so shiny?

We all know that a shiny coat is the outward sign of a healthy horse, and the article below explains in great detail how you, too, can achieve that bright and shiny coat with your horse.

Learn how a shiny coat comes from knowing about the following:

  • Grooming – equipment and technique
  • Dull coat – reasons for and solutions
  • Oils – for a health shine
  • Infections, Fungus & Hygiene – common problems and how to deal with them
  • Winter grooming – the long hair horses grow for warmth in winter can also lead to skin problems
  • Rug hygiene – why you need to keep your rugs clean
  • Tails – how to look after your horse’s tail so it stays long and shiny
  • Washing your horse – tips for best results
  • Tail rubbing – what can cause it and how to handle it
  • Feeding for colour – tips to enhance your horse’s colour and what to avoid
  • Stain removal on white markings – helpful hints
  • Insect protection – simple solutions


Published on Wednesday, July 31, 2013
From the July Issue of The Stable Magazine

A shiny coat is a sign of a healthy horse – every horse owner wants to see their horses happy and healthy, so a bright and shiny coat is extremely desirable. Here are our top tips on achieving a shiny coat –and recommended products to make your horse glow with health!


Achieving a shiny coat starts with the basics.

Your brushes and combs need to be clean to be able to clean your horse effectively. Keep your brushes together and ensure you clean them regularly.  Keep your brushes in good condition. Replace your brushes when needed. If your brush has missing or flattened bristles it will be much less effective in giving a good end result. Always buy the best quality grooming tools you can afford – and get stuck in with the elbow grease! Regular grooming is one key element to a shiny coat. Grooming thoroughly at least a few times a week will assist in keeping the coat clean and healthy. Regular grooming will also help to remove dead hair from the coat, and as an added bonus, the very action of grooming will stimulate the horse’s circulation.

The most effective way to groom your horse is to [article continues here …]

[Source:  Horse Zone]

Here is an informative video that demonstrates a basic grooming routine:

Do you know why dark horses look shinier than grey horses?
The shine on your horse is the coat (and hair’s!) ability to reflect light. Horses of solid dark colors – like blacks and bays – can shine brilliantly, but it’s much more difficult to see the shine on the coat of a grey horse!

It is important not to be rough with your horse’s tail – it can take two years to grow right out, so you don’t want to damage it when you groom your horse:

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