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Horses Need Sunlight For Vitamin D

Horses need sunlight for Vit D - Photo by Stefan GustafssonHorses, like us, need sufficient sunlight for vitamin D production and bone formation. Pastured horses, or those turned out to graze every day, receive enough sunlight for their needs.

However, horses that constantly rugged during the day as protection against insects and coat fading, or are stabled during the day including due to injury or illness, can suffer from vitamin D deficiency over time. Even the shorter amount of daylight such as in winter in the northern hemisphere, especially when accompanied by prolonged bad weather, can result in the horse becoming Vitamin D deficient.

Healing For Horses“Horses need some free time in daylight every day for optimum health and a fully balanced energy field.If your horse is confined because of veterinary treatment/instruction, see if you can use a stable where the horse can put its head over the door into good bright light and use a light airy stable. Check with your vet in case of contraindications.”
~ (from Healing for Horses by Margrit Coates)

It is also important to remember to provide shade for horses that are turned out so they can get out of the sun if they want to cool down.


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