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Making Your Horse’s Stall Safe - Stall safety-3Whether you are building, renovating or simply maintaining your horse’s stall, horse-proofing the environment is essential.

Having a safe stall and barn is much easier in the first place than putting your horse’s health and safety at the risk of hurting your horse, let alone incurring expensive vet bills.

Click the image or this link for a highly informative video in which Dr. Christy Corp-Minamiji explains how can you build a safe stall or make an existing stall safer.

She discusses:

  • The ideal size of a stall
  • Safe walls
  • Ceiling height
  • Appropriate footing
  • Safe aisleways
  • Safe feeders
  • Waterers
  • Secure latches
  • Sharp edges and protusions
  • Cleanliness

Click on the image or this link to view the video from The

Don’t take chances – your horse is too valuable and I’m sure he’s a good friend.  Go through your barn and stalls now and fix everything that could be potentially cause injury to your horse!

Out The Gate And Gone: Horse Owners Need To Do Everything Possible To Deter Thieves.

Secure your horse gear

Yes, times are tough, and you have a lot of money invested in your horse/s, your tack and your barn, any or all of which is very tempting to a thief. And then there’s the emotional devastation that can follow the theft of one of your horses or any of your gear.

If you want to avoid or at least minimize the risk of theft, things can be done to protect yourself. Most times thieves have some idea of a person’s comings and goings so they know when to make their hit; tack thieves usually are not out for violence, just stealing. Be aware of who you give extensive information about your barn, stable, or horses to whether it be for business purposes or otherwise.

Here is a very informative article from with tips about steps we can take to protect our horsey assets, including:

  • Don’t be an easy target for thieves
  • Understand your risk
  • Make sure your horse is easily identified – brands, microchipping, markings and scars
  • Keep photographic records
  • Make sure your fencing and gates are secure
  • Mark your tack and keep them locked away
  • Secure your horse trailer
  • Work with your neighbour for extra security
  • Consider erecting warning signage, installing security camera (even fake ones) or alarms 

Protect Your Riding Gear And Horses From Thieves

January 23, 2007

It would be nice to think that everyone in the horse community is honest.

Sadly, it’s not the case… [read the whole article here

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Another good idea is to put your horses’ names and maybe even your phone number on their blankets. If anyone steals them off your horses, it will be more obvious if they use them that they are stolen, and it makes them harder to resell. There’s also the side benefit that you will know exactly which blanket belongs to which horse if you take a few off at the same time, without having to stop and figure it out!

Take the time to implement these security tips – you never know how much money – and heartache – it will save you!