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Halter Training The Foal With Clicker Training

Use Clicker Training to halter train your foalClicker Training is a training method in which the horse (in this case, a foal) quickly learns when he has made the correct response when he hears the clicker and the stimulus is immediately removed. Here are a couple of videos that clearly demonstrate this.

This first video shows the foal being set up to have the halter put on and learning to lead. You can see how every time the foal shows interest in the halter, he hears the clicker which he soon learns means he has done the right thing. The halter is immediately removed and he receives a treat or lots of rubbing. Eventually he becomes desensitized to the presence and feel of the halter and ignores it. No force has been used – just lots of positive reinforcement.

This second video show basically the same techniques with some personal variation.

I hope you enjoyed these videos and learned something about how to train a foal with a clicker and saw just how easy it is. If you continue the foal’s training in this manner, you are on your way to having a calm, well-mannered foal.

To learn more about how to clicker train, have a look at Alexandra Kurland’s authoritative book “The Click That Teaches: A Step-By-Step Guide in Pictures”, a comprehensive training guide that takes you from clicker basics to advanced training.