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Truth About HorsesThe Truth About Horses: A Guide to Understanding and Training Your Horse

by Andrew McLean

Balancing new scientific research with his practical horse-training experience, world-acclaimed author Andrew McLean debunks long-standing myths about horses and presents a far-reaching, totally humane method of horse training. He starts by recognizing vast differences between equine and human brains and mental processes. He describes the traditional trainer’s mistake of judging horses according to the standards of docile or good horse and bad-tempered or mean horse. By training a horse according to a set of consistent responses that coincide with equine instincts, horse owners can avoid undesirable horse behavior.

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Equitation Science

by Paul D. McGreevy & Andrew N. McLean

Written by two internationally-recognised experts, Equitation Science is the first book to draw together the principles of this emerging field into a much-needed coherent source of information. The goal of Equitation Science is to enhance our understanding of how horses think and learn, and to use their natural behavior to train, ride or compete with them in as fair a manner as possible. The welfare consequences of training and competing horses under different protocols are explored. Drawing on traditional and emergent techniques, this book incorporates learning theory into an ethical equine training system suitable for all levels. It also focuses on evidence-based approaches that improve rider safety.

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Ultimate Horse Behavior and Training BookThe Ultimate Horse Behavior and Training Book: Enlightened and Revolutionary Solutions for the 21st Century

by Linda Tellington-Jones, Bobbie Lieberman, Gabriele Boiselle and John Lyons

A superbly illustrated instructional manual offering groundbreaking, step-by-step solutions for hundreds of horse behavior, health, and training problems.

Available in paperback. More information or to purchase

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