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Tips If You Are Horseless

Ideas If You Can't Own A HorseHorses are becoming increasingly expensive to buy and even more expensive to keep – I heard just today that horses with merely the potential to compete at the 2012 Olympics are being sold for up to $US2million!

Now while you might not be in this elite league (I know I’m not), it is even more discouraging for those who can’t afford to buy a horse of their own but have been bitten by the horse bug who just want a horse to love, ride and maybe care for as well. And we all should know that the price of the horse is only the tip of the iceberg!

Even if you were able to get a horse for free (and sometimes you can), you are now responsible for providing this horse with a suitable place to live, food, shoeing, vet fees and medication for illness or injury, worming, blankets (rugs), tack, grooming gear, riding clothes and boots, etc. And if you want to compete, add another set of tack and riding gear, not to mention transportation to get the horse from place to place (which can also mean a second vehicle registration and maintenance).

It all costs Money – and lots of it. Horse ownership can become a bottomless pit that constantly and relentlessly relieves you of all your hard-earned funds!

However, all is not lost! There are many options for those who are unable to own a horse of their own such as helping out at a riding school (either in exchange for lessons or just to be around horses), leasing or sharing a horse, as you will discover in the following article …

So You Can’t Afford A Horse…Positive Ways To Handle Horselessness

Horses are expensive to buy, and far more so to keep, and many passionate horse lovers cannot afford one of their own.

This can be a depressing experience for any dedicated rider who considers it their ultimate goal. There are however, some ways to start dealing with the problem, and make the longing less acute. This article offers some suggestions.  [Read full article here]

~ Source:  Paula Sainthouse, Horses @ Suite 101

I hope this article gave you some ideas for further investigation on how to handle your horselessness! 

Here’s a link to the book mentioned in the article:  “The Horseless Rider by Barbara Burn. It has even more ideas and suggestions that may provide some relief to the ardent horse lover who has big dreams – but a skinny wallet.