www.HorseHealthAndTraining.com - How A Top Rider Is Different From A Good Rider

The Difference Between A Very Good Rider And A Top Rider

  The ability to stay strong and not make mistakes […] more

www.HorseHealthAndTraining.com - Cadre Noir Classical Dressage

Cadre Noir Doing What It Does Best – Classical Dressage

Founded in 1828, the Cadre Noir of the French National […] more

HorseHealthAndTraining.com - Processionary Caterpillars

Mare Abortions And Caterpillars

Mare owners have long agonised over why their healthy mares […] more

Deep gastric ulcer

How To Diagnose Stomach Ulcers In Your Horse

Does your horse kick at you, or turn to bite […] more

horses-53770_640 - featured

Now There’s Driving For The Disabled!

Wheelchair-bound horse lovers who find it difficult to be lifted […] more

Dressage arena.jpg - featured

The Eventer’s Nightmare – Dressage!

I don’t know too many eventers who luuurve dressage.  Most […] more

horse-51738_640 - featured

Tips For A Shiny Coat

Have you every watched other people’s horses and wondered how […] more

Polo bandages.jpg - featured

The Correct Way To Bandage Or Wrap Your Horse’s Legs [Video]

There are many reasons you may want or need to […] more

stall safety-3 featured

Making Your Horse’s Stall Safe

Whether you are building, renovating or simply maintaining your horse’s […] more

Head tilting - featured

Fixing A Head Tilt

When you ask your horse to turn, does he tilt […] more

HorseHealthAndTraining.com - Meeting instinctual needs - featured

What Are The Instinctual Needs Of Your Horse?

To have a Healthy, Happy Horse, we need to meet […] more

Rescuing an abandoned wild foal - featured

Rescuing An Abandoned Wild Foal

Wild horse photographer Carol Walker was making a trip to […] more

barrel racer featured

Barrel Racer Still Going Strong At 81

Back in 1964, Ardith Bruce was the World Women’s Barrel […] more

HorseHealthAndTraining.com - Fancy horseshoes featured

The Correct Way To Trim Barefoot Hooves

A lot of people would like to try letting their […] more

HorseHealthAndTraining.com - Just singin' in the rain - featured

Just Singing In the Rain: Awesome Video!

What an agile and obedient horse, and such an amazing […] more

HorseHealthAndTraining.com - manuka honey

Does Manuka Honey Really Heal Wounds?

Honey was a conventional therapy in fighting infection up until […] more

HorseHealthAndTraining - Horses are good for the soul

Horses Are Good For The Soul

Why do we love horses?  We all have our reasons […] more

Equine Assisted Counseling- featured

New Insights Into Therapeutic Riding

Horses are increasingly becoming acknowledged as being valuable resources for […] more

HorseHealthAndTraining.com - Tips for the Horseless Rider

Tips If You Are Horseless

Horses are becoming increasingly expensive to buy and even more […] more

HorseHealthAndTraining.com - Beer Mash Recipe

New Year Beer Mash Recipe

Did you know … ? Horses Like Beer! So don’t […] more

HorseHealthAndTraining.com -Clicker Training Foal

Halter Training The Foal With Clicker Training

Clicker Training is a training method in which the horse (in […] more

HorseHealthAndTraining.com - Horses need sunlight for Vit D

Horses Need Sunlight For Vitamin D

Horses, like us, need sufficient sunlight for vitamin D production […] more

HorseHealthAndTraining - Use Your Seat Not Your Reins

How To Use Your Seat Instead Of The Reins

When we were first learning to ride, many (most?) of […] more

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